Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture at Central Lakes Physio Wanaka

At Central Lakes Physio we practice Western Medical Acupuncture and Trigger Point (Dry) Needling.  This involves the insertion of fine, sterile needles into the body.

Western Medical Acupuncture

Acupuncture at Central Lakes Physio Wanaka

Western Medical Acupuncture comes from the ancient Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. However your physio chooses points based more on nerve supply of the tissues involved, rather than the energy meridians of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.

There is now an abundance of high quality clinical trials looking at the effectiveness of Western Medical Acupuncture.  Science has proven that it will help relieve pain and assist recovery.  Your physio will place needles into the tissues, this stimulates the nervous system.  Triggering a cascade of responses, such as increased blood supply and production of chemicals that assist with healing.

Allison Aspinall, Paula Shortall and Vicky Hill carry out Western Medical treatments.

Trigger Point Needling

Trigger Point (or Dry) Needling – is where a trigger point (a painful, tight point in a muscle) is needled directly in order to release the muscle.  Dry needling can be a little painful at the time but only lasts around 10 seconds and can have quite spectacular results!

All of our therapists can carry out this treatment.


What Happens During Treatment?

Your physiotherapist uses thin, fine, sterile needles for your treatment.  Often you don’t even feel them go in, the needles are so thin!  Sometimes needling will be performed at just one point.  However, with Western Medical treatments you may have around 10 points needled.  Your physio will always explain your treatment thoroughly before starting.  Needles can be removed at any time.

We know that some people really don’t like needles, that’s fine!  We have plenty of other tools we can use if you’d rather avoid needles.