Pilates Classes

Pilates complements physiotherapy excellently.  It teaches the client how to move properly, be aware of their body and improve their posture, control, strength and flexibility.  It can be very useful in the treatment of lower back pain but is a great form of exercise that anyone can do!

Pilates Class Timetables

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The aim of our Pilates Classes is to educate you on how to retrain your body for efficient movement.  It is not just an exercise class!

We have several instructors. Each bring their own particular skills and personality into the way they teach.  So feel free to come along and try them all!

Because many of our instructors have are Physios, we can offer Clinical Pilates. This is based on clinical research, and is designed for those rehabilitating from injury.

This wealth of knowledge is shared among the whole team.  In addition all instructors undertake learning outside of the studio.

Long term benefits of Pilates include:

  • A stronger center and lumbo-pelvic stability. (Strengthening your internal support system to protect your spine)
  • Improved breathing patterns
  • Improved muscle tone, length and strength
  • Greater flexibility and mobility, especially of the spine
  • Improved body awareness and posture
  • Improved quality of movement and fine motor control

Mat Pilates Classes

In Mat Pilates classes you will work in a group of up to 8 people.  The instructor will take you through an entire body work-out. In general everyone is working on the same exercise simultaneously.  Although your instructor will be able to make modifications to the exercises to account for your ability level. This is possible because class numbers are small.

Mat Pilates classes run in 6 week blocks, however casual attendance is possible depending on availability. Please inquire at reception for details on current classes.

Studio Pilates Classes

In Studio Pilates classes you will be given your own personalised programme, with a maximum of three other people.

You will be closely supervised by your instructor who will tailor your programme to your individual needs, and progressively challenge you to meet your goals.

You will have access to specialised Pilates equipment; trapeze table, reformers, tower, arcs and combo chair, along with all of the smaller equipment.

Studio Pilates classes are suitable for most clients due to the high level of supervision and variation.  They are ideal for people recovering from an injury.

Our Pilates Studio and Equipment, Wanaka

Studio Memberships

The Studio membership allows increased access to the Pilates equipment.  This is so that clients who have a good understanding of Pilates can work independently. The membership suits people that have been a studio client for some time.  The membership is great value for money as clients are able to access the studio several times a week during opening hours.

To be eligible for a membership:

  • A maximum of 4 clients can be in the studio unsupervised, so clients will need to book a time
  • Sessions are from 30-60minutes in duration.
  • Clients will start with a one on one session to assess, set goals and design a programme

After the instructor is happy that the client is able to perform the exercises safely and effectively then they can come into the studio independently.


  • Mat classes – $110 for a block of 6 classes ($10 discount if you attended the previous block)
  • Casual mat class – $22 per class
  • Studio classes – $165 for 5 classes, $310 for 10 classes that can be used over 6 months
  • Casual studio class – $38 per class
  • One-on-One Studio Session – $123 an hour, $73 for 30 minutes
  • Monthly independent membership – $85

Conditions apply – please contact the studio for more information and details.

Here’s what our clients have to say about our classes:

I just feel so much better since doing Pilates, it is so good for me

– Helen

I couldn’t have played a round of golf like I can now if it wasn’t for Pilates

– Jan

Pilates has helped relieve my back pain heaps. It has been most beneficial

– John

Its absolutely brilliant. Fantastic

– Alison has used Pilates to rehabilitate from knee and shoulder surgeries

My Pilates studio class gets me through the week

– Nick (works as a builder)

Being shown the muscle activity by a physiotherapist and then coming to Pilates has really helped (my back) no end.  I couldn’t have believed it.

– Verity (33 weeks pregnant)